I love art, because you draw and paint and make things, and they don’t have to be perfect. It makes me feel good. Imagination is something you think of, it doesn’t have to be real. Imagination makes paintings good.   I like art because you can make great creations that nobody ever thought of before. Art isn’t hard at all when you believe in yourself.  (Sashe M., 7 y.o.)

Painting is relaxing.  It takes me a very long time to make each painting.  When it’s finished a painting becomes the subject of conversation. (Breanna K. 13 y.o.)

I want to be the best artist in the world.  Good paintings are paintings with lots of details and color. I like to draw real places and imaginary places. Painting makes me feel very creative and special. That’s why I want to be an artist. (Angelina C. 7 y.o.)

I love colored pencils. My drawings look better when I make them with colored pencils because it takes a very long time to make them. You can see the lines of different colors next to each other. I feel excited and proud when other people and I like the art that I make.  (Luke V. 6 y.o.)

To be creative is to draw what’s in your imagination and in your dreams.  Making art makes me feel happy. When I finish a painting, I feel very strong to make more. (Kevin S., 6 y. o.)

I like art because you can make new colors from previously new colors!   To be creative is to have a frontal lobe idea that only your mind can conceive. (Liat L. 13 y.o.)


I like art because I love to draw and paint. Making art makes me feel excited and awesome. I like to mix different colors to make my own colors. (Michelle K., 6 y.o.)


I love to draw different animals and people. When you look at the drawing you can imagine that they are real. (Danielle B., 6 y.o.)


I like it when people admire my work. It makes me feel proud.  I start a drawing with an idea, and while I am drawing, new ideas come into my mind.  At the end it turns out even better than I thought it would.  When something interesting happens, I want to remember it and I write it down or draw it.  (Milana M., 8 y.o)


When my work does not turn out right, I feel like destroying it. Then I want to make it new again. And then it comes out better. When people see my artwork and complement it, I feel exited and happy.  Art inspires me. (Rachel K., 12 y.o)


Sometimes my friend Milana inspires me. People that are differently able inspire me, because they can do things that seem impossible. This inspires me to think that I can do it too. In art everything is possible. (Mikaela, 8 y.o.)


I dreamed about that I had very long hair. And I dreamed about horseland. And now I want to make pictures about it.  I want my pictures to look like they are real. (Tess K., 5 y.o.)


I want to be the best artist ever. My heart feels better when I paint and make drawings. I am going to paint the castle where Breanna is going to be a queen and I am going to be superhero king with a giant sword.(Nikita E., 5 y.o.)


I can draw the prettiest picture of everyone. I put flowers inside and put people inside and it makes my picture beautiful. It makes me feel happy. (Brianna W., 5 y.o.)


When we sleep we have a lot of imagination. Being creative means thinking about something that is interesting to you and then you make it. (Valery W., 5 y.o.)


I know how to draw a rocket and a toy astronaut and a superstar. (Elija K., 4 y.o.)

My favorite painting is about a princess and a horse. It’s really beautiful.  (Ateya W., 4 y.o.)

I like drawing a castle. (Vika T., 4 y.o.)



I really like drawing, because it come out so beautiful. You need to mix different colors and work hard on your drawings.  Imagination is the best way to make a painting amazing. (Polina B., 7y.o)


Imagining something means thinking of something that might not be true.  I feel happy when I make a painting that’s not real. Because I made it up. (Kailyn, 6 y.o.)


I feel happy when I am drawing.  (Sofia C., 6 y.o.)