Art Spa Project

A relaxing experience from the inside out…

“Many people are much more unusual, and complicated, and eccentric, and playful, and creative than they have the time to express… Play reminds us of what it was like being a child!”     Oliver Herring, artist

Want to try something new and different? 

Unleash your creative potential at the Art Spa Project,

a themed art party for adults, where you can experiment with art materials and express yourself!

Thursdays, 7-9pm

“I love my Art Spa classes. It is a great way to unwind from the stresses of life and let my creativity flow. Marina is an outstanding teacher, she works closely with us, guiding us and suggesting ways to create better art, based on our ideas and creativity. I have learned so much in the few classes I have taken. It is great to paint for two hours and take the finished painting home! It gives me a sense of accomplishment and I cannot wait for the next class to come! Thanks Marina, you are great!” Guendy