Raw Sparks

I love eating raw foods not only because it gives optimum health, or provides me with endless energy, or helps the planet, or makes me feel happy inside. I love eating raw foods, because they taste so delicious! I am always smiling after a meal, satiated with the richness and the variety of vibrant pure tastes. These living foods are full of enzymes, oxygen, vitamins and minerals and they have a high energetic field, which is non-existent in cooked foods. The fruits and vegetables carry a life force that feeds our mind and body connection and helps to heal us.  Let me tempt you to acquaint yourself with the vivacious flavors and miraculous nutrition of plant life in a way you never have before!

Raw food has the ultimate pure flavor, millions of textures and beautiful effects on body, mind, soul, and the environment! Preparing raw meals is remarkably simple and takes less time than cooking.  A little chopping and mincing here, blending and dehydrating there, and before you know it, you’ll be preparing gourmet delicious and gorgeous raw meals and loving it!

Be inspired and nourished at the Rejuvenate Raw Sparks Workshop and Dinner!

Come to make and taste the best raw food in Dallas!!!

 We all have heard the saying ‘You are what you eat!’, but rarely consider this when we reach for fried, refined, and overly processed foods.  Most of the food cravings we experience reflect our emotional attachments to foods and not our body’s desire for nutrients. You will be amazed at the transformations your body, mind and life will go through if you introduce fresh, live foods into your diet!!!

Here are some of the immediate benefits from introducing raw living foods into your meals:

-       boost energy

-       rejuvenate skin

-       loose excess weight

-       improve physical health

-       conquer food cravings

-       combat allergies

-       enhance immunity

-       eat delicious gourmet foods every day!

Weather you are new to raw food or have experimented with adding more raw foods to your diet, the question always comes up: “what exactly do you eat?”

In this workshop you will learn how to incorporate simple delicious recipes into your daily meals, what foods to buy, how to store and prepare the ingredients, and free resources that will help support you.

Are you ready to feel radiantly alive?

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“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leavethe city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”(Alan Alda)